Analog Project [Final]: Cascade / Strings Installation

Please cut the strings

Cascade’s¬†interactivity involves appealing to others to play with and cut the strings. The colour scheme of the installation is pink-based, which was intended as an attractive and appealing colour. As one walks closer to the centre of the strings, the colours become still; white surrounds you.


Feedback from class:

  1. Without cutting the strings, there would be little to no interactivity; for after walking through the strings and feeling it, one is less inclined to interact for long with the installation.
  2. In order to create a more welcoming atmosphere, and directed hint to allow for the cutting of strings, perhaps the floor could be littered with some strings as indication
  3. Perhaps, the scissors could be placed on the floor? Current structure of scissors hinders the navigation and cutting of strings to a certain extent.

If given the chance, I would love to create a larger installation and with longer strings to give off a more immersive feel. Also, I would like for the board to be more strength-withholding, such that perhaps other items could be hung from the strings/strings could be tugged at.

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