NTU to offer vegan-only food options from mid-2017 onwards / Fake News Broadcast

NTU pledges to switch up food variety at canteen B to vegan-only options by late quarter of 2017.

NTU pledges to switch up food variety at canteen B to vegan-only options by late quarter of 2017.

Posted by Tania Tay on Thursday, 30 March 2017

The broadcast was filmed with the intention of adopting a formal news cast style, of a top-down approach from a larger organisation in disseminating information. In the interview, the reporter attempts to imbue real facts and organisations (citing Meatless Mondays, Khoo Teck Phuat and Yale-NUS) in order to set a more believable tone.

With the insertion of fake news at the later half, viewers are inclined to continue believing as the tone has already been set earlier. However, the later citing of fictional twitter users with ridiculous names such as Lim Yau Kwee (Yau Kwee means hungry ghost in Hokkien) and Jia Li At (Jialat is used to describe a disastrous situation [Singlish]) with outrageous opinions, while maintaining a news-reportage formal tone start to become puzzling.

Similarly, propaganda can also be used in a similar way to confuse truth and fiction, and some might believe, instead of critiquing and deciding if its true, or false.

On hindsight, I should have used OBS to switch more fluidly between the different screens.

Reference for context: Meatless in Singapore [The Strait Times]
Extended filming script can be found here: FakeBroadcastScript

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5 thoughts on “NTU to offer vegan-only food options from mid-2017 onwards / Fake News Broadcast”

  1. We had this great idea in class to create a Yelp page for your school’s vegan-only restaurant. And, we would give it stars and criticism — further making-the-fake-real-sounding — but we needed an address for your food store, an email address, and more … so we couldn’t do it.

  2. Another way to make it look more offishial would be to post pictures of the inside of a random restaurant and represent it as the real thing. This creates a more real feeling for viewers, when they feel that the restaurant is already created and could lead them to insult the look of the restaurant.

  3. For some reason I feel like the meat/meatless debate veers very much into political territory because of economic impact of the issue as well as the personal rights issue, so I thought it was believable that the vegan options would be offered, but not believable that the government would ban meat. I would love to read some “diner” reviews on your restaurant!

  4. I found it highly believable and so did many at NTU! (to be discussed) What is interesting about your concept is the large number of vegans who would love to see this happen. It is actually a bit of fakery that is appealing to a lot of people, as opposed to fakery that is threatening or dangerous. The delivery is excellent, though as we discussed, I would like to see you reading from notes to heighten the authenticity of the newscaster. But as you can see from all the comments, you have very successfully created a believable moment of fake news: the idea of the assignment to critically understand its techniques and repercussions.

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