Act II | The Birth [updated 17/4/17]

Screenshot of broadcast [Act II: The Birth]
Tania Tay of the second space finally gets out! She escapes the digital world, and starts to explore her surroundings excitedly, charmed by the temptations of the real world. However, she starts getting bored, and is suddenly drawn to the water, where she cleanses herself in a water purification ritual.

She wants to continue exploring, but later realises the sheer uselessness of life. She tries to seek feedback from her ‘hometown’ (aka the online world), later giving up and returning┬áto where she came from.

Act II: The Birth

Posted by Tania Tay on Thursday, 6 April 2017


Sequence Symbolism
Climbing out of frame Literal entrance into the real world
Water Purification Ceremony An entrance into the world, washing away all traces of the past

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is a budding creator who works with digital technologies, and investigates the human thought process through her installations.

One thought on “Act II | The Birth [updated 17/4/17]”

  1. Tania, I am intrigued by your exploration of the “real world” from the vantage point of the virtual. It is an excellent critique of our everyday immersion in networked space. So the challenge here is how to motivate your character to explore, to show confusion, to question, and ultimately we see her grappling with questions of how we inhabit multiple spaces and dimensions. As you prepare your third and final performance, think about how you can invite the viewer to consider this dilemma, how does your character become a surrogate for all of his trying to understand the relationship between the real and the virtual. And by executing her death, does she fail to balance these worlds? And if so, why? And how are we are failing in this ability to negotiate back and forth between the real and the virtual, between the first and third spaces, between face to face and networked connectivity in terms of our social relations. I think these questions are all part of the dilemma your character faces and how she ultimately responds to the crisis. A lesson for us all.

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