Kabuto Farming / Blog Narrative (Week 2)


So you’re still playing pokemon go? I stopped playing that a long time ago!

Yes, I know, I sighed. Nostalgia, obstinacy, and obsession has fuelled my 5 months of playing the mobile game. I was down to my last few pokemons/game characters to collect, and I was absolutely obsessed with it. Even if it meant travelling across half of Singapore from a lecture theatre in NTU all the way to Labrador Park in the South.

[Pokemon Go is an online mobile game which requires players to physically travel to collect Pokemons, or game characters, at certain locations]

Travel Route from Labrador Park mrt to Labrador Park Image Credit: Google Maps
Travel Route from Labrador Park mrt to Labrador Park
Image Credit: Google Maps
Labrador Park is a 'nest' for the particular species of pokemon that I wanted to collect
Screenshot of sgpokemap: Labrador Park is a ‘nest’ for Kabuto (the particular species of pokemon that I wanted to collect)

It just so happened that Labrador park was a nest which Kabuto (the cockroach-lookalike pokemon) spawned often. Not that it helped that the park was a dear 500 metres away from the MRT. Fine, I could do it, 500 metres is nothing for my beloved cockroaches. Thus, I set out walking from Labrador Park MRT with resolution, despite being only in shorts and a flouncy blouse – not particularly comfort wear for a walk through the forest.

Originally, I was walking along the road, and did think about walking through the forest (which was a hill), as it was a seemingly shorter cut. Along I walked, and spotted a middle aged man jogging along the path, flashing a suspicious look at me. “What in the world is this girl doing here? She’s not even jogging and carrying this huge backpack.” It was obvious what he was thinking, but along he went to jog, as the polite Singaporean man minding his own business.

The signs were lacking, and I continued cutting across the vegetation, walking into a forested area with nary a small staircase. Wildlife was teeming around me, buzzing, and mosquitoes flocked over for a walking meal. I did slap an itch earlier, and was rewarded with a tiny splatter of blood on my palm. Mmmm. Murder was on my mind at that moment.

After walking down a little track, I thought that instead, I should have walked down the concrete pathway. As I walked, I continued catching the many cockroaches. Never knew I could enjoy catching these pests, huh.

Before I knew it, I had reached the end of the path and reached the park area. Yes! Thus, I promptly caught these two:

…and gathered sufficient cockroaches to evolve this Kabutops:

Kabutops: my glory and pride
Kabutops: my glory and pride

With happiness, I turned and resigned myself to resuming the long journey back to the train station. Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the bushes. Thinking that those were probably only monkeys, I walked towards the noise. Looking up, I saw a majestic, mammoth sized ‘pigeon’ roosting on the branches. It was a peacock!

A pair of peacocks roosting on the branches
A pair of peacocks roosting on the branches

The huge bird made nary a movement. It turned, slowly, circling the branch and gave me a free show of its large bottom. Then, it circled back, and continued guarding its regal kingdom.

Slowly edging away from the peacock, and finally leaving them at peace after invading their privacy with the many photos I took, I plodded my way back home, with my own virtual Kabutop and many mosquito bites from this journey out.

Do I regret it? No. Because I got my Kabutops tongue-out

In-class Assignment: Narratives Structure

Analyse an interactive narrative using a narrative layout/structure (eg. Monomyth a Hero’s Journey)

Plot Diagram: Graphic Novel for Hybrid Peugeot


In brief, this interactive narrative comprises of a graphic novel, where users are able to scroll through the different scenes at their own pace. The narrative consists of a female spy, who undertakes great risk in fulfilling her mission. The website was part as part of an advertorial campaign for a Peugeot car, whose technical merits are humanized in the form of the female spy.



The scene opens with a female, dressed seductively, the typical image of a female spy. She is in a dark room, when a troop of office workers burst into the room – she’s busted! Tension and excitement is build up by the viewers – who was she?

Graphic Novel

The female then runs away with her might – a conflict. More tension is built up. This is heightened by the conditions by which she runs away – crashing through the window, through a thorny patch of weeds, away from a pack of dogs, and even finally leaping onto a moving car.



She is trapped! A gunmen is hot on her heels – taking aim and shooting at her, but luckily (or not), he misses. There is rising action in this particular scene – assisted by graphics which featured a moving shot comprised of various still images, breaking the monotony of stills.


Finally, with a few more (exciting) leaps, she makes her escape into a building, and walks in confidently. Here, it signals the end to the audience, which was acknowledged in a text she sends – “Mission Accomplished”.

Graphic Novel 2

The narration ends with a shot of her backview, and her in a bedroom scene with her handsome beau lying in wait for her, for more ‘action’.


Another interesting website chanced on in my research: