Characters Summary

Here is a simple summary of the main characters appeared in my story.


Pardon my handwriting..

The main character Lee:

Xiunv(13)–>Noble Lady Lee(13)–>Dame Lee(14)–>Consort Lee(17), gave birth to a son, who died–>Buddhist Nun(20), after Emperor’s death–>Imperial Noble Consort Lee(23), of the new Emperor Lihong–>Empress Consort(31)


Supporting Characters:

Prince Lihong–>Emperor(20)

Xiunv Ou(Lee’s best friend)

Lee’s Servant(had a crush on the Prince)


Other characters:

Xiunv Zhao–>Noble Lady Zhao–Dame Zhao

Empress Consort Wu(of the old Emperor)

Emperor(Father of Lihong)

Empress Consort of Lihong, who was killed by Lee.


Not all characters are worth having a piece of jewelry. I am thinking of designing a few pieces for Lee, and one piece for each selected character.