UPDATE from 3rd presentation

My main feedback of third presentation:

1, Need to find stronger connection between the culture, story and the jewelry. Making people easier to see the story from the jewelry.

2, More original design is needed. For example, the auspicious motifs are directly taken from existing designs, there is little I did to make it MY design.

3. More mock-ups and test models for next presentation

Although more presentations going on and I receive feedback from more people, I still believe that design is a very subjective thing. While I can learn from what others tell me, it is impossible to make every single person happy because we just have different way of seeing things and issues. I hope that I can make designs that I like and I can justify, even at the end of the course I will receive both approval and doubts from other people.

also, I had laser cut the auspicious characters. I made them in different sizes.




photo-10-11-16-14-21-15 photo-10-11-16-14-21-29



-Print my stl files and draw more for 3D printing

-sketch sketch sketch. I start to watch Youtube tutorials on how to make jewelry sketchings as I found myself very inexperienced in such drawings. I would start from imitating and make some practices. Then maybe I will start my own sketching.

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One thought on “UPDATE from 3rd presentation”

  1. The comments are fair. You need to look at it from our original idea of ‘The Empress and the concubine’ and you should build it as this is how the jewellery becomes as one rises from a basic concubine into an Empress. Also, you need to give a contemporary twist to the traditional jewellery. Like today’s VW Beetle and the original VW Beetle.

    Yes sketch – but also look at it as contemporary derivative. i am sure at some point in the next month or so you will have a break through : )

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