Assignment 1 Work in Progress

retake_shot (37) retake_shot (92) retake_shot (95) retake_shot (96) retake_shot (97) retake_shot (108)

At first, it was more of my friend being in the picture when I realised that should have been the one in it.

I wanted to make the assignment “Self Portrait with Polaroid”, which emphasizes on experience on using the polaroid — how exciting first timers would get when they use the camera, how the camera prints the film, how we could play with different exposures because sometimes we are just uncertain if this aperture is the right one following the weather.

I also experimented on the instant collage I could make by researching the day before so that I could have a few ideas how to go about doing it. The first try did not work, but the consecutive ones I captured was pretty interesting I might say. *first timer alert doing such thing*

Research was found that one can actually add in their own manual photo effect — “destroying” the instax film by poking(?), drawing(?) on the plastic while the image is developing. There are a few more of these but I wasn’t confident that it’ll work well if I ever tried it.

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