Journey to & fro School

(This video is my first cut on the journey I’ve chosen. Some audio that I’ve recorded have not been put in here — that explains the silence at some part.)


*krik krik.. title sounds too long*

When we were given the assignment…. “Still images into a video?”

Not much ideas flowed into my mind, except for the common journey to school, journey of travelling etc. Initially I wanted to mix my ‘journey to school by car’ and ‘journey to school by public transport’ together and then finishing with the ‘journey back home from school by public transport’.

Howeverrrrrr, I didn’t really know how it will turn out so I just focused on my normal to and fro school by public transport. When I took these images, I admit that I felt it was abit mundane…… Knowing there wasn’t anything fancy or interesting to show.

Consultation with Prof, he mentioned to have different audios along the journey to school. For example, while waiting for the traffic light to welcome the green man, what interesting conversation was there by people around me? Or, in the bus, what interesting convo was there? The sound of the television heard from outside the house just as I reach the corridor?

And with those comments from Prof, I actually tried to capture some of the sounds/audios as much as possible.

*Recent comment from Charlene was to include what I see (strange or interesting things) while I am on the way to school. Those little things that peak hour people rushing to work would not notice. And so I shall set another mission for myself this recess week — hoping that I’d have enough time before the consultation the following Tues.*


(I feel — or more of I know — that this area is not my expertise, do feel free to comment on what to improve and what I should take away or something like that. Thank you!)

6 thoughts on “Journey to & fro School”

  1. nice photos!! i really like the shots where you take corridors and walkways. like those perspective shots that stretch out. maybe use more of those kind of shots!! to make the whole feel of the film more uniform and consistent. just a suggestion (:

  2. Nice work Ummi:D I love the audio as well because it’s very crisp and clear!
    I was thinking maybe you could have the sound of your footsteps throughout the walking portion! And maybe also try taking some photos from more interesting angles because so far it all seems to be taken from chest/eye level!

  3. Hi!! I think the photos show quite clear of the concept journey and you some nice photos especially those with the MRT train! Maybe you can try to choose what you show and focus and what you don’t show in the video…only suggesting : ) If your intention is to show the whole journey then it shall be fine too.

  4. Great work Ummi! Surprisingly, this is probably the only one where I didn’t mind the silence. I felt like I was able to focus on your journey to school and it felt like I was the one making the journey. I don’t know if you’ll choose to add music or sound effects in the end and it’s completely up to you. 🙂

  5. I love how clear your shots look. Carry on adding more ambiance sounds! =D Is there going to be any narration/music? (even if minimal) and for the photo at 1.26, try to focus on the words on the screen more, and see how the shot turns out =]

  6. I really like your shots! Made me feel like I was with you on the way to school and going home. I feel that you could take more photos with your hands in it? Something like a first person shot but with parts of you in it. It would make the video more personal and feel like we’re truly with you all the way on the journey!

    I love the audio btw! The lift door one haha very iconic. Can’t wait to see the video with the rest of the sound effects! Would be interesting to hear conversations of the people around you (since your photos feature many interesting strangers too) Jiayou! x

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