Typographic Portrait: WIP

After all the research I did, I tried it out on my book page, scanned it in and gave a little bit of editing — more to enhancing the image with exposure and all.



Then I realised after I did all these, that I am somewhat at the metaphor or conceptual phase, for example: the thumbdrive, the binoculars, and perhaps the calculator represents tells something about me. Or more to representing me?

2 thoughts on “Typographic Portrait: WIP”

  1. you are playing here with juxtaposing literal meaning of your images/graphics (phone thumb drive, calculator)with underlying dense text print in the book…as equally as you image the book choice content will be important 🙂 your personality will be tied with the image ( for example calculator) and will have a certain property or quality of your drawings. A clever combination of metaphorical images is a perfect vehicle to communicate your complex nature. Initial can be built out of those objects – or clever/fanny combination of few metaphors…fro example U “as fragile as thumbdrive” , or Ummi for U in USB or “as efficient as machine”.. as cool as …??? as smart as ???

  2. you can also use simile: Comparison between two different objects, images , likenesses e.g…busy as a bee…so if you are good in math as calculator you can design all the buttons on calculator with U letter…it is a bit of cliché 🙂 or shape it into your initial..

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