POV: Collage Trial

So with all the little by little research, I tried to do my own collage using brochures. ┬áThat was the initial idea so I randomly teared brochures and tried to put my idea from what i imagined to paper…. But it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to.

Collage Trial (1)_1

  1. I wanted to play with negative spaces that’s why you see an empty spot in the collage — the water (blue brochures) and the land (creamy brochures) are the positive spaces.
  2. The collage was suppose to read: A shoe from the point of view of shoelace is a bait.

How is it a shoe is a bait? Why from the point of view of shoelace?

Let’s imagine (because the collage is incomplete):

Whenever you hold untied shoelaces on one side, the shoe tilts, or can be seen as hanging. From there I wanted the shoelace to represent a fishing line, and the shoe as the bait. What is left is the “fish” that will “eat” the “bait” (which is also missing in the collage). I wanted to collage the brochures into a hand reaching out towards the shoe from the bottom corner of the page, which will be represented as the fish.

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