Day to Day Data – Georges Perec

“NTU Impression”

From the reading of Georges Perec’s “Day to Day Data”, we came up with a concept of how we see NTU; our experience being in NTU etc.


We use the shape of NTU  as the boundary of our piece. NTU is known as an isolated space, an island, on its own. Our goal is to emphasize on this idea of NTU being a close community seen in the good light.

Students are represented as the seeds —  as the seeds of the school. In a school, students are meant to study and grow, like how seeds germinate and grow. We see NTU as the environment for students to grow and flourish.

At first, the seeds are positioned at different areas of NTU, representing students coming from the different types of schools in NTU. Our idea of making the entire piece rotate is to show that the seeds eventually mix around with the others = students from other areas of NTU does not only bond among themselves but through the years, friendship is being formed throughout the school.

A short video to show our concept is here:


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