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Zine: Final

I contemplated while working on this idea of showing decomposition in terms of texture in the zine.┬áIn this context, decomposition shows the life of a Nike shoe — a cycle, starting of the book being all vibrant with colours just like how fruits are colourful when it is ripe and fresh to be eaten.

However, as you flip along the pages of the booklet, it started to go into black and white, into more sensitive topic of a Nike shoe — showing the decaying process.

(Printed in an A6 size from Out De Box)

Front Cover Page
Front Cover Page: The nike tick being edited to look like its breaking
Introduction Page
Introduction Page
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Full of colours showing the positive impact of a Nike shoe
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The start of decay

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Inside the back cover page.


(I’ll reprint it in A5!)

Zine: WIP

Consultation was fruitful because ideas came in after some thought with the suggestions from Prof Ina. We looked through a zine/book/publication(?) as an example. Because my works are in black and white, Prof Ina suggested out of the many greyscale/b&w pages, there is at least 1 page coloured, as the centre page for example.

Something that Prof Ina mentioned during consultation made me think more of the layout and arrangements of the pages.

Here are some WIP images:

process 1
See the coloured among the b/w?

process 2

Of course I thought of the different ways my masterpieces can be placed within a page.. But i love how it occupies the entire page on its own. I thought of leaving borders too…… But not at the moment.

Again, it is still a work in progress state!

Just a little something, I came across this layout plan while researching more for zine. The moment I saw it, I started to question myself again about the layout of the texts etc.

Taken from: http://d-muntyan1215-dp.blogspot.sg/2013/04/kinfolk-grids-and-layout-development.html
Taken from: http://d-muntyan1215-dp.blogspot.sg/2013/04/kinfolk-grids-and-layout-development.html

Zine: Research


After POV, we some sort bring the project forward to create zine, a publication of our projects from this semester or the previous semester.

Zine inspiration tab

Having said that, I am going to include only the POV “masterpieces” for the zine because I feel it is way better than the other projects I did…. ever.

While researching for zine, it took me quite some time to figure out how I want my layout to be, how the zine will come about — like a book or like brochures (the 8 pages printed in 1 A3 and your folding begins).

I considered the second option though, but it got me thinking that my work will be shown quite small? So I am in the direction of the book-type. I got inspired with “clean cut magazine-ish” feel, suggested by one of the classmates, so I researched…


Taken from: http://achapeu.com.br/wp-content/files_mf/31259.jpg


Taken from: http://www.mr-cup.com/blog/editorial/2.html

Don’t you just love the simple layout of the 2 examples? (I DO…)