First Row:


Drained Me + Nature = Therapeutic

Whenever I feel drained or overloaded with work, I tend to go to my balcony and look at the sky and the trees outside my house. Looking at the blue skies not masked by clouds, or changing colours during sunset; the birds sitting on the trees chirping or flying back to feed their babies, it refreshes me and gives me energy to face my workload again.

Drained Me:

I decided to use a dark blue background for all the panels in the first column. But for this panel, it represents the tiredness in me. I also added strips of dark blue washi tape to mimic prison bars to show that I am trapped in my own mind and drained by the workload.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, I added some foam adhesive to the trees and layered them to give them more depth and dimension.


I chose a yellow background for the third column as it represents energy. I made my face green to show that I have been “healed” by nature and refreshed. Then, since it didn’t convey the feeling of therapeutic enough, I added my eyes, closed to show that I am resting.

Second Row:


Youngest Me + Around family = Princess

Being the youngest in the family, my parents and even my brother tend to give me a lot of love (which I am very thankful for) and pamper me.

Youngest Me:

I used a pacifier to portray “youngest” and used my glasses to represent me.

Around family:

My parents are holding to my hands on each side. Pretty self-explanatory


I gave myself Princess Bubblegum’s crown from Adventure Time. Her age changes according to how much gum she has in her. I used this to portray myself as I feel that around my family, I am suddenly reverted back to a 13 year old, or maybe even younger.

Third Row:


Me + Studying = Distracted

Whenever I am studying and reading my notes, I find myself unable to focus on the large chunk of words in front of me and end up turning to Youtube or Instagram.


Once again, I portrayed myself using my glasses and added words in the lenses to convey the idea that I am trying to study


This is to represent those days when we still had textbooks and all they had were whole chunks of words in them. Pretty self-explanatory too


I used various icons of some things that often succeed in distracting me. I placed these icons above me to show that it has won over me and the words are below to show that i have forgotten about or given up on studying.

Fourth Row:


Quiet Me + Around large groups of people = Almost invisible

Since I am naturally already a very quiet person, around large groups of people, I rarely, if not never, speak. Hence making me almost invisible. This is especially the case when I am with a large group of people that I have just met. In fact, there have been times where they have went ahead without me, completely forgetting that I was with them.

Quiet Me:

Lips taped over. Pretty self-explanatory, to show that my personality has pulled me back from speaking

Around large groups of people:

I used speech bubbles to represent the many conversations happening when large groups of people gather together.

Almost invisible:

I tried something a little different here and used the same colour in the whole panel. I then cut out a silhouette with diagonal strips of washi tape to disrupt the pattern from the background so that it is still visible to the viewer, not completely invisible. I also added some foam tape to the silhouette to enhance that effect a bit more with the shadow casted on the background.

Here’s the full display of my final panels!



I really enjoyed using washi tape for this project as it is what I would usually do anyway. I really underestimated the amount of time needed to make this as I had to cut out each individual element and make them look identical, since I wanted some elements to remain the same throughout my panels (such as my glasses, which were the toughest to keep it identical and the toughest to cut out in my opinion). While it is sad that I had wasted so much tape on this project, I don’t really mind since I really like the final pieces that I produced.