(Note: Thought I had published this but apparently I had only saved it as a draft)



I added an image of a maze to the head. What I wanted to portray is that we should not judge a book by its cover. While on the outside, the lady looks put together and confident, her thoughts are messy and jumbled on the inside.




I subtracted the teeth of the tiger. I wanted to bring attention to the issue of animal cruelty. Hence, I took away the teeth of the tiger to portray it as helpless and that we are actually the ones harming them.




I substituted the cigar for a knife to portray that smoking is harmful and could kill your body from the inside.




I superimposed the phone onto the image to portray how technology and our devices are causing us to be disconnected from our friends in real life even though it increases connection online.


Final Thoughts

For me, it was really tough to come up with the message I wanted to express through each image as I take a long time to generate ideas. However, once I was clear on the message I wanted to express, I had a clear idea of how I wanted my images to look quite quickly. The process was rather stressful but I enjoyed coming up with ideas on how to express the meaning behind each image. My favourite one would be the substitution image of the guy smoking a knife. I feel that while the message is very simple, it was understood almost immediately by my classmates. If I had a second go at this project, I would love to come up with a theme and try to bring across different issues in society today.