Team Members: Calista Lee, Claudia Tan, Lydia Lui, Sammi Neo, Vanessa Ang

Title: Toilets – Our Shared Space

Location: ADM Level 2, Female Toilet beside 4D classroom


Artists’ Statement
Toilets are a shared space amongst people from all walks of life; and within these space are more often than not, unspoken rules for people to follow. Flush the toilet after using, use only what you must. ‘Toilets: Our Shared Space’ explores the nature of getting people together, and with a set of simple but open instructions, to create a piece of music together; and enjoy the symphony of the space as itself.


Here’s our final outcome as well as the explanation of what we did!

Check out Lydia’s post for more photos and videos of the actual outcome!



I was pleasantly surprised to find that our classmates were very enthusiastic in participating in our project. Initially, we were afraid that they might not be too interested or enthusiastic about creating sounds, hence we created a score that they could refer to. But they were very creative in creating the sounds and surprised me by going entirely freestyle!