Through this project, I wanted to document my move from Serangoon to Woodlands and that transitional process.

As my project would include 2 places, I wanted to show a contrast between these places through my letters. As I headed down to these places, I started thinking about the characteristics of the neighbourhood and realised that the feeling I got in both places were very different.

In Serangoon, it was bustling and lively, with everyone crowding in NEX Shopping Centre. It was a hub for people in the district. It was also where I spent most of my time when I was hanging out around the neighbourhood. Hence, I decided to portray that hustle and bustle through letters formed from brand names found in NEX.

It was a long journey taking the train down to Woodlands. It felt very secluded and tucked away in a small corner where only people living in Woodlands would hang out in. Also referring to its name, I decided to focus on letters that I could form with trees.