So… we had to do a string sculpture. I knew from the start that I wanted to keep my string sculpture very simple and minimalistic.

So, for my study model, I drew out a circle and square on opposite ends of the paper. Then for each corresponding side, I connected the string from one corner to the opposite corner. This, however, resulted in a large gap on all four sides, which was not appealing at all. The strings also came loose very quickly. For my study model, I had also curved the edges of the square but I didn’t like the look of it.


My study model!



Hence, for my final piece, I kept the edges of the square straight. I also connected the strings differently by skipping only a few holes when connecting the string from the circle to its corresponding hole in the square (not sure if that made any sense). But anyway, it resulted in a slightly twisted effect which I really like. This time, I also started from the inside, which was the shorter edge to prevent the strings from going too loose.


Halfway through my final piece!



Some photos of my final string sculpture!