Month: March 2017

Evocative Objects : The Macrowave [Process]

Initial Ideas Potential Themes: Global Warming Uses of natural elements as objects with potential global warming sounds. Fire and water – coal and water sizzling Water and air – bubbling sound Earth and Water – blurping, squishy, sticks and mud (melting of ice caps) Earth and Fire – burning sound (deforestation/burning fossil fuels) Earth and Air – wind blowing trees,… Read more →

ZINE- Infographics [PROCESS]

INFOGRAPHICS My infographics is made in a ‘draw-my-life’ style as I would like to feature my zine using this style to introduce my project with something more illustrative as that’s the medium that I’m going to use for my zine.   MY ZINE Area: BISHAN Focused area: Bishan-AMK park Topic: Bishan 5   Bishan 5 is a well-known name given… Read more →

ZINE- Layout Research [PROCESS]

ZINE-INSPIRED LAYOUTS Here are my research on the type of layouts that I might consider using for my zine:-  As I am hoping to go for a more illustrative concept, I decided to research on zines that were illustrated as their layouts are very different from those photographic types.    LAYOUT ONE This outline includes illustrations being the main focus… Read more →

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