A Heroic Start to 4D!


We started off our very first 4D lesson with a great and fresh concept of ‘What if you were a superhero’.

So i thought to myself, “What will I be if i was a superhero?”

Thinking about how much work is going to pile up in the next few weeks, I told Jess that i wanted to be THE TIME-WATCHER!

As you can see from my insanely huge eye bags, I do not get much sleep and so, I wanted to stop time so that I am able to finish up all my work and manage time better(Plus get more sleep!)

So we were supposed to draw each other’s superhero characters and Jess drew a super duper cute picture of my would-be superhero outfit (Pyjamas to depict that I want to stop time to get more sleep).


Also, we were supposed to do an unglam with our photos so……


Thats all i guess!

To more interesting activities in class!

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