Animal Kingdom- The Owl and The Rat


We went to Thieves Market to gather some materials needed to created our animal-inspired model out of spare parts that was bought from thieves market.

I went to the first stall where they sold a lot of gears/springs/metal spare parts.

Scorpion inspiration idea

My initial idea was doing a scorpion like the one above, but realising after i left thieves market that i did not get anything for the tail of the scorpion.

Therefore, in class i decided to change my idea and from the gears i got from thieves market, I randomly put together the gears to find out i got the eyes of the owl hence my decision to do an owl!

1st Model-Owl made out of spare gear parts

After I was done with my owl, i realised i still had time to do another model- which is my rat. It was actually made with my other classmate’s spare parts that they did not want. Im glad that it turned out well!

2nd Model- Rat made out of other spare parts
Both of my animal creations together
Very first model with details

In conclusion, it was hard to start with an idea on what animal to make from the start but i’m glad that i was able to achieve such an outcome despite not starting with the original idea. At first i had more details to the owl, however i was told that the lesser materials used would be better which is why the crown of the owl and the wings we taken off. After taking off, i realised that it still resembles the owl which was ultimately the main objective of the lesson- create something that portrays what you are trying to show with minimal details.

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