Author: Valantia Chang

Living 20 years and in love with food


ProjectIGNITE   INSTINCTS: The fact or quality of possessing innate behaviour patterns. On the contrary, instincts can be performed by individuals who have never learned how to perform them, nor experienced the same set of stimuli before in their lives.  What my project aims to discover is the fact that instincts are all present in us without us knowing about it.… Read more →

Evocative Objects : The Macrowave [Final]

FINAL SUBMISSION Part 1: Part 2:   Check out out interaction video! Where our classmates interacted with our installation!   INTRODUCING… The Macrowave Microwaves are kitchen appliances that almost everyone owns in their home. They heat and cook food quickly and efficiently by exposing the food to microwave radiation and thereby altering the molecular structure of the item. We… Read more →

Evocative Objects : The Macrowave [Process]

Initial Ideas Potential Themes: Global Warming Uses of natural elements as objects with potential global warming sounds. Fire and water – coal and water sizzling Water and air – bubbling sound Earth and Water – blurping, squishy, sticks and mud (melting of ice caps) Earth and Fire – burning sound (deforestation/burning fossil fuels) Earth and Air – wind blowing trees,… Read more →

Evocative Objects [ Research ]

Here are some of my artist inspiration for the whole project on sound installations/works that i explored:-   THE SECRET WORLD OF STUFF – SEAN CHARMATZ Sean Charmatz is an Illustrator from Los Angeles that takes mundane footages from everyday objects and animate them to life. I felt that the sound clips used for these footages may not be anything special… Read more →

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