Category: Process

3D FINAL: Diffusion of light, light-play, shadow-play

Luminos Galactios We started off by combining Chris’s SEM of a diamond and my SEM of a mushroom. The wire mesh of the structure corresponds to my SEM whereas the metallic copper feel of the structure corresponds to Chris’s SEM. The theme of our lampshade is a galaxy-like lampshade that would cast a shadow that makes it seem as if you… Read more →

Mushrooms… Mushrooms everywhere!

Mushrooms SEM? That’s what we needed to create for our next project! But first… we got to research on our SEM unit! Upon searching for my SEM unit, i realised that mushroom SEM has plenty of variations due to the different type of mushrooms. I realised that some mushrooms had the same type of SEM structures, particularly the circular structures.… Read more →

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