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Que Sera Project Development II [Final 4 Process]

From all the jobs I thought of, I narrowed down my jobs to the 4 jobs that I wanted to concentrate on and started to build on them with different versions – mainly V1.0 and V2.0.   PHOTOGRAPHER V 1.0   INITIAL¬†PHASE I wanted to mimic this Dark Room effect that gave the atmosphere of a Dark Room so that… Read more →

Que Sera Project Development I [Process Concept/Ideas]

Upon hearing the brief, I was excited to do this project so I started to sketch down some possible designs that I could execute for consultation the following week. I started with a few¬†jobs that popped in my mind : Architect Cobbler Chemist Sniper Athlete Farmer Photographer Botanist Those in bold are in my Process: Final 4 post! Check it… Read more →

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