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Project 3: Mis En Scene

Video Link: Synopsis: I Am Eric is a short film that was made regarding a guy that has split personalities. Eric, the introverted ego, is an outcasted and timid person that just leads his life as per normal. Derrick, the extroverted ego, is a narcissistic and defensive person. Having only one body, one ego has to ultimately take over the body. Is Eric strong… Read more →

DESIGNS- Second draft (Added with variations of the same quotes)

This is my second draft, a progression from some of my first drafts with another variation. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLDS END(2007): Just close your eyes and pretend it’s all a big dream, thats how you get by. – Jack Sparrow DREAMCATCHER: Represents the method used by Jack Sparrow when he faces a hard time-to pretend and it will all go away.… Read more →

Zooming off to Project 1A

We are starting off with a new Project-1A!  We were tasked to create an image using:- Add, Subtract, Substitute and Superimpose. ADDITION This picture describes Inspiration and Motivation as nobody would expect Usain Bolt to be that fast, showing that we should not give up easily and push to our limits in order to achieve something that no one thought was… Read more →

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