Mushrooms… Mushrooms everywhere!

Mushrooms SEM? That’s what we needed to create for our next project! But first… we got to research on our SEM unit!

Upon searching for my SEM unit, i realised that mushroom SEM has plenty of variations due to the different type of mushrooms. I realised that some mushrooms had the same type of SEM structures, particularly the circular structures. Therefore, i decided to use the circular structures as my SEM!


Circular SEM structure that i chose

I traced out the SEM unit to create this odd looking ball.


Elliptical SEM of mushroom

Initially i wanted to use the elliptical SEM unit of the mushroom. However, i felt that it would not really work well so i changed to the circular structure instead.

We were then tasked to create this particular structure using materials. So for my SEM structure, i zoomed in to the spores, where the SEM can be found. The SEM unit itself resembled fluffy cotton balls which was what i used to represent one unit of the SEM.


Twisting the ends of the cotton to create the irregular shape of my SEM
SEM structure
SEM structure- Top view

Using the Mesh to represent the spores, the SEM unit is on the spores, thus the cotton ball are all arranged onto the wire mesh itself.

And thats all for my mushroom SEM!

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