Project 1B-Storyboard for my story in 5 pictures

Project 1B has expanded!

Now we are required to create a storyboard for all our characters and story.

My storyboard is based on a trailer teaser that is meant to entice the audience to watch my film.

Scene 1: The three realms are unable to stay at peace.
Scene 2: The enemy is sucking out the life of the realms and ultimately depleting Earth’s power
Scene 3: They are enlightened on how to ultimately defeat the enemy
Scene 4: They set out on a journey to defeat the enemy as they encounter a few obstacles along the way
Scene 5: It shows that one of them has a secret that may potentially be fatal to the group

Hope my storyboard is interesting in 5 pictures and that the flow of the story is present such that the people viewing it would ultimately understand the backbone of the story!

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