Project 3: Mis En Scene

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I Am Eric is a short film that was made regarding a guy that has split personalities. Eric, the introverted ego, is an outcasted and timid person that just leads his life as per normal. Derrick, the extroverted ego, is a narcissistic and defensive person. Having only one body, one ego has to ultimately take over the body. Is Eric strong enough to fight against Derrick? Or will Derrick ultimately win over the weak-hearted Eric?

Our project brief was to make a short video using 6 lines. Thus, our group came up with these 6 lines:-

What do you want?
You have something I need.
What do you mean?
It’s been five years.
It’s about time.

PLOT: Warning spoilers ahead


  • Eric doesn’t remember the moments when Derrick is out.
  • Transitions between them shown by the glasses/mirror.
  • Derrick is constantly carrying a mirror around to check his hair.  
  • Alter-egos talks to themselves in the mirror, Derrick talks with a VO.
  • Eric wears specs, Derrick perfect eyesight.

Eric goes to school and is constantly getting bullied by a group of bullies, leading to Derrick having to take over the body to protect it from any danger. He then takes over for the whole day, talking to girls, drinking and socialising around using Eric’s body. Eric finds out, gets angry and decides to confront Derrick in the toilet.

Eric: What do you want?
Derrick: You have something I need.
Eric: What are you talking about? (derrick disappears after laughing)


Eric is getting his Starbucks coffee. Derrick overtakes Eric, orders coffee under his name. Eric gets back his senses and realises that the coffee ordered is under Derricks name. He then panics and goes to the toilet to confront him again. 

Derrick:It’s been five years.
Derrick :It’s about time.

Derrick slowly exits the bathroom with Eric’s glasses, takes off the glasses, smirking and walking away showing that Derrick has won and that he successfully over-ruled Eric and got the body.





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