Que Sera Project Development I [Process Concept/Ideas]

Upon hearing the brief, I was excited to do this project so I started to sketch down some possible designs that I could execute for consultation the following week. I started with a few jobs that popped in my mind :

  • Architect
  • Cobbler
  • Chemist
  • Sniper
  • Athlete
  • Farmer
  • Photographer
  • Botanist

Those in bold are in my Process: Final 4 post! Check it out HERE


All these ideas were in my mind and I had different ideas for each and every one of them. These are all my initial ideas in their early stages with plenty of variations and exploration.



Initial sketch
Digital design draft

I wanted to do another perspective for architect besides the blueprint method as I feel like I wanted a different perspective. Thus, I decided to use the windows to create my initials but I realised that the project was about creating fonts instead of combining objects to look like letters. Therefore I decided to scrape this idea as the idea was not strong enough to create fonts.



Initial sketch

This work was a rough sketch of one of my initial ideas, a cobbler.

Rough sketch of a cobbler font

I wanted to incorporate the sole of a shoe onto the font which would show a shoe texture. I really wanted to embark on this as one of my final jobs but I had to choose between this and the rest of my ideas and decided to let this go as I felt that the rest were much stronger ideas.



Initial sketch

I started by drawing chemistry equipments shaped to look like the letters. I felt like the background can be in simple sketches of atoms, molecules and other chemistry symbols. I started to experiment more of this which ultimately led me to think of doing Botanist instead, incorporating the DNA part from this sketch in my final Botanist job.


Initially I wanted to do Sniper because it was such a cool job! So I came out with the design such that it seems as if you were looking through the scope having the aim be the initials. This was one of my first few rough designs so I had the wrong perception of the task. However, I still feel that this would be development too.


I used the V in my name to create an X that shows the centre of the target and the C to be the side aims.


Then I realised it was quite hard to see my V from the above design so I tried to just use one of each initials but it didn’t come out as well because the proportion looks a weird. I also did not choose to continue with this idea because I felt like there was not much aspects that I could use to create my fonts.


These are just test designs that I started with, I felt like they were crucial in helping me develop my final ideas even if they were not what the project asked for. Among all I felt like I really had fun with the Architect one and I would definitely develop it further in my own free time!



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