Quotes Of The Semester (QOTS)

In Project 2- FORREST GUMP,

We were tasked to use the silkscreen method to get our designs on a tote bag! Therefore, these are the quotes that I am going to use:


SCENE: It is the start of a new school year at Hogwarts when students return to the school with a welcome ceremony. It is where Dumbledore gives a welcoming speech where Dumbledore informs the students that they would be playing host to the Dementors Of Azkaban to guard the school until Sirius Black(A mass murderer) is captured and warns them not to approach them as they are not forgiving. He then moved on to say this quote: Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Dumbledore

THE CROW(1994)

Eric is the main character that is brought back to life by a crow.

SCENE: Sarah(A friend of Eric) almost got knocked over by a car after getting saved by Eric, making her curse at the driver as she had a bad day. Sarah then says ” I wish the rain would stop, just once.” In which Eric replied ” It can’t rain all the time” and disappeared.




SCENE: With the green light flashing, it showed Gatsby and Nick at the dock where Nick sees a silhouette of Gatsby trying to reach for the green light(significance of the past to dreams of the future). In which the movie ends with the quote: So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. – Nick


SCENE: Upon getting captured by Beckett, Jack and Beckett made a negotiation where Beckett wants to find out where the pirate kings are and how to beat them whereas Jack holds the compass to way of avoiding the wrath of Davey Jones and, although not explicitly saying it, a way of getting his ship back. In midst of their conversation, Jack mentions the quote: Just close your eyes and pretend it’s all a big dream, thats how you get by – Jack Sparrow


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