SILKSCREEN: The creation process

In class we were told to do our silkscreen in which we will be officially transferring our designs onto our silkscreens! We had to do it correctly or it would be troublesome to get the designs off the silkscreen and re-expose our screens again. First we were told to bring our designs printed on transparencies to class.

My design printed on transparency

We were then brought into the dark room to put emulsion onto our screens. The process is rather hard as we had to put the correct consistency onto our screens such that its not too much and not too little. Also, we had to make sure the emulsion was put on with one single stroke upwards. I added too much emulsion and my whole frame was filled with emulsion which was very messy.

We then had to dry the emulsion by putting it in the dryer. After drying, we had to put our transparencies onto the frame and expose it such that the design is transferred onto the silkscreen.

The air gets vacuumed during the exposing process
Exposing the silkscreen

After the design has been transferred, we used a water jet to get rid of the additional emulsion that used to cover our designs and our designs started to show after spraying it with water.

Drying my silkscreen after washing it
My design on my silkscreen

We then tested the silkscreen on newsprints to see if the design would come out as we wanted it to, or we still had time to change our designs.

I was happy with the outcome as my designs came out as i would like it to and surprisingly my design looked sharp and ‘crisp’ as i would have wanted it to!

Test trials of my design
Test trials of my design
My silkscreen beside my print
My silkscreen beside my print
A print of my design using silkscreen
A print of my design using silkscreen

The method of doing the silkscreen is tricky as for different materials you would have to use different pressures and as such, it might affect your design- whether it was too much ink or too little. But ultimately this process was fun!

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