ZINE- Infographics [PROCESS]


My infographics is made in a ‘draw-my-life’ style as I would like to feature my zine using this style to introduce my project with something more illustrative as that’s the medium that I’m going to use for my zine.




Focused area: Bishan-AMK park

Topic: Bishan 5


Bishan 5 is a well-known name given to a family of 5 otters living in the heart of Bishan-AMK park. The family made their debut in 2014 where the public spotted them making a home out of Bishan-AMK park.

At first it came as a surprise to local residence as Bishan-AMK park was an artificial park that is man-made to give the appearance of a park. Therefore, many could not believe that wild otters would make such a place their home. They were even more precious as they are a species that are threatened and soon-to-be endangered due to deforestation.. 

Soon the otter family became the gems of Bishan-AMK park as residence welcome them to their heartlands and many otter-watchers visit the park just to see the family interact with the public as well as lead their daily life.

Since then, they have grown to be comfortable with the public, roaming around Singapore and making their appearances known to Singaporeans as the Bishan 5. Since then, news paper articles have appeared featuring the family, making them known all around Singapore. 

My concept aims to feature the family as local Singaporeans leading their normal everyday life just like Singaporeans, from the education sector to the quality of life. Despite being animals, the Bishan 5 is able to well reflect the Singaporean way of living.



















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