ZINE- Layout Research [PROCESS]


Here are my research on the type of layouts that I might consider using for my zine:- 

As I am hoping to go for a more illustrative concept, I decided to research on zines that were illustrated as their layouts are very different from those photographic types. 



This outline includes illustrations being the main focus on some pages and illustrations at the top for the rest (Interview based zine). This would allow the illustration to be the main focus followed by the title and lastly, the words to portray the message.

On the right side, the words are more outstanding followed by the illustration to give further emphasis on the words. E.g. The microphone to show singer

This way of illustrating the zine allows for readers to me more immerse into the page as the illustration draws their attention to want to read more. Also, only the words are coloured to bring allow readers to read the titles easily and quickly. The illustrations are in bold lines to create depth and allows for it to stand out among the words.



This layout is of lesser words and more colours as compared to layout one. It’s interesting because it allows for viewers to interpret the work more visually than reading the text. A simple line is able to bring the message across to viewers. 

I like this layout as it allows viewers to appreciate the illustration more as the illustration stretches across two pages. This would allow for the illustration to create more impact as compared to if it was all on one page. It allows for viewers to view it easily and efficiently.



This layout is more of the surrealist layout in which the colours are more dull and gloomy. It takes up a small portion of the page, combining both illustration and photography. The empty spaces around the photos and illustrations allows for more focus onto the photos and illustration that are in the centre. 

I like this layout cause it’s simple and it’s clean. It brings about the message clearly by just combining photographs and illustrations.



This zine only focuses on three main colour schemes:- Blue, Black and White. 

I thought the combination fit well and it brings life into the zine. 

The layout consist of illustration at the top and little text at the bottom, and vice versa. The illustration takes up 3/4 of the page and text 1/4 of the page. This allows for the illustration to be the main focus, followed by the bolded title and lastly, the text. 

The illustration can be the one that catches the viewers attention, making them more interested to read about the subject. 



This is another layout that uses the blue and black combination for the colour scheme. 

What’s different is the layout of the text. Unlike layout four, this layout is less rigid in which the text and the illustration is more random. The title is in blue to differentiate it from the contents and the illustrations is a bolded line with blue shadow to create emphasis on the illustration. 

What i love is the combination of the colours as well as the use of the colours to create emphasis even though it’s only two colours.




This layout uses the concept of kraft paper that I love! If possible I would like to use kraft for the full zine or maybe only the cover page like this layout. This zine is lovely because of the simple but detailed illustration as well as the bolded title and the handwritten text. 

I like that the text follows the shape of the illustration so that it would not look like two separate entities. 



Like I said i would like to try out with the cover page being kraft, these designs are really nice designs that could allow me to bring forth my subject using words! I love that the central words are the main focus to allow viewers to immediately zoom into the words which is the title of the zine.


That being said, these are all the layouts that I might consider while doing my zine! 


Click here for my research and concept for my ZINE!

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