Zooming off to Project 1A

We are starting off with a new Project-1A! 

We were tasked to create an image using:-

Add, Subtract, Substitute and Superimpose.


Picture used to edit from the web
Picture used to edit from the web
Picture added using photoshop

This picture describes Inspiration and Motivation as nobody would expect Usain Bolt to be that fast, showing that we should not give up easily and push to our limits in order to achieve something that no one thought was possible.


Picture used to edit from the web
Picture removed by photoshop

This picture can go two ways- Animal Rights and Adoption. Nowadays the rise in cat abuse cases made me think of this idea that cats have feelings too. Also, that adoption should not be based on how the cat looks but to provide it with a loving and caring home.


Picture used to edit from the web
Picture used to edit from the web
Picture was substituted using photoshop

Introducing PUFFAWS(Pufflefish-Jaws)! This picture was suppose to make people think of JAWS, however instead of the shark, it seems as though it’s a harmless little creature but as deadly as the shark.



Picture used to edit from the web
Picture used to edit from the web
Picture superimposed using photoshop

This picture was suppose to bring up the thoughts of ‘What if in a zombie apocalypse, the only cure was actually the start of mankind(Ape species)?’ Therefore showing that the zombies are actually reaching for the ape to get the antidote.


JUST FOR LAUGHS: This photo was done as a parody of the real version to show that zombies loves meat heh. 



This first project was really very interesting and fun! Even though I am new to photoshop and all these photos took me super duper long to edit, I’m glad that through this project, I am able to learn something on the sidelines! When the project brief was first introduced, it was really quite hard to grasp as the four words- Addition, Subtraction, Substitution and Superimpose overlapped so easily it was hard to tell which picture is supposed to be in which category. During the presentations I also learnt that my pictures actually had other interpretations viewed by others and it was interesting to actually listen to my classmates guessing the intention of my photos.

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