My line is emo: Monoprints

To kickstart our project, we were told to try out monoprints. Monoprinting is pressing an inked plate onto a variety of inks, tools, and items to create different types of prints. The beauty of monoprint is that one can achieve a huge variety of prints by experimenting with different methods, and that no print will ever look similar.

Here is a video example of how monoprints are done!


These are a few samples of my work:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 4.20.27 pm

Digital version of one of my monoprint

IMG_2016-09-04 21:21:04

Masking tape

IMG_2016-09-04 21:20:58


IMG_2016-09-04 21:20:52

Masking tape

IMG_2016-09-04 21:20:45

Largest paper – Fishing line Black piece of paper – Scratching with penknife Paper at bottom right – Baby’s breath flowers

Artpiece done by CY Twombly

I realised that the black piece of paper looks very similar to CY Twombly’s artpiece







My line is emo: Mark making tools

To have even more prints, made some mark marking tools that I found from home.

IMG_2016-09-05 14:19:05

Left to right: Rolled up tissue paper, ear buds, a row of toothpicks, baby’s breath, plastic flowers, a plastic rose

IMG_2016-09-05 14:19:11

Prints are from rolled up tissue paper

IMG_2016-09-05 14:18:51

Baby’s breath and ink

IMG_2016-09-05 14:20:57

Above – toothpicks, bottom – plastic flowers

IMG_2016-09-05 14:21:01

Ear buds and plastic rose combined

IMG_2016-09-05 14:21:05

Tried to play around with different patterns

IMG_2016-09-05 14:21:09

Some random prints I made in the spur of the moment

Then I felt that the prints were not satisfactory, so I decided to play with my favourite – watercolours!

Final Model and its applications

Hello! I am very excited to share about my model applications for my chosen model.


Application 1: Oven with a detachable controller

f copy











I often have a problem when it comes to cooking – that whenever I actually do cook I try to carry out other tasks during the waiting time. Or that whenever it comes to cooking with equipments like ovens or kettles, I often miss the alarm. This oven is able to detach the alarm and control centre, so that multitasking homeowners are able to adjust the temperature, switch it off and on, and hear the oven alarm from whatever they are doing. This way, they are able to focus on their tasks without worrying much about their cooking.


Application 2: Aquarium













I spent a day thinking about what I should do for my second application. Then the idea of making it into a fishtank randomly came up to my brain.

The second application that the model can recreate is an open bottom fish tank. An open bottom fish tank is where another tank appears to be floating on top of the main tank using gravity.

Now some of you may be asking what is an open bottom fish tank, here are some real images so that you can grasp an idea of what it is!













It is basically a smaller tank placed on top of a larger tank. This way, the fish and ornaments is able to extend out of the main tank.

The SO is then turned into an open Mystical Anti Gravity Concept Tank (MAGIC-T), a feature that I experienced in the Underwater World.











Using pressure and suction, users are able to interact with the fishes through extended small openings where the water does not gush out. The SO is then made into a very unique feature that stands out for the users.


Therefore for both of these application, what makes the D, SD, and SO stand out is the features rather than the difference of materials and textures.

Again, here is my a more detailed and higher resolution of my work in PDF!