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3d(II): Soundscapes

For this assignment, we are tasked to create a texture based on a good sound an a bad sound. Kind of a step up from last semester’s obscure cities project (which I enjoyed!) and our last project of create a sculpture out of smells.

I opened up my ears and really started to listen carefully. In my head, I started to think of my personal sounds. Musical instruments for example, or the sound of a pan fry cooking, or a dog panting… so on and so forth.

My good sound: 



This is the sound of a vending machine! Back in Singapore Polytechnic, the area where I used to study was surrounded by vending machines. It was a pleasant memory as it reminds me of the good times then.



The crumples represent the humming of the machine, whereas the irregular cut outs at the bottom represents the item falling onto our hungry or thirsty hands!

Then, we were given time to experiment at home to choose our own materials to represent the sound. I decided to go for aluminium, as I can imagine the presence of a huge metal thing containing more metal thingies for our needs!


img_2017-02-08-163001 The crumples represent the gentle hums of the machine. Though it is not captured, I also added a layer or two to show the different tones of it as well!

My bad sound:


The high peaks of our squeaky classroom chair raises the many hairs on my body.


The peak represents the high squeaks of the chair, and the form represents my disgust towards it


Irregular cuts that represent the other softer squeaks and sounds. The paper is crumpled to also show the inconsistent yet very present rolling sounds.

After the lesson, I decided to go with cardboard for my sound!


I personally feel that the cardboard represents the entire soundscape so much better. The rolling sounds are the ridges of the board, whereas the speaks are the top parts of the cardboard that still remain, it also peaks!


A wider shot of the work!

Overall, sound is another sense that is also underestimated in our human body. So far, this project reminds me of a condition called synesthesia, where people can see, taste or hear colours!

Read this article to find out more!

As an Art student, I wish I can live in their shoes for a day as well!

Upon reflection so far, I feel that I have to grow a lot in this area of interpreting our sense into various things. It is awesome to see how other classmates execute it, using such a variety of materials I never thought of utilizing and expressing things so accurately yet creatively. Perhaps the trick is not not think so much and just do it? Or maybe I just really need to take the time to explore in general.  Can’t wait to start on the next project!

  1. I think it’s  about going with gut feeling Viena.. 😉 Having synesthesia can be quite a curse too … ie . Having heightened senses  can have its pros & cons… If you have acute hearing you wouldn’t have a peaceful night’s sleep but it could also lead to exciting professions like being a somalier or perfumer.