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Amusia (commonly known as “tone deafness”) is a musical disorder that impairs the music perception of 4% of the population. Individuals with severe cases amusia describe music as grating, noisy and unpleasant. An amusia patient even went as far as reporting that music is akin to the banging of pots and pans.

The artwork encapsulates this unique condition by turning classical musical instruments into metal band members. The once melodious and pleasant genre of music is now turned into something that is now the opposite. The grotesque style of the banner represents the distortion of music that these individuals experience.

Final banner:


Final reflection:

Through this module, I was able to expand on my current skillsets for illustration. It has reinforced the importance of sketching out the designs beforehand, so as to be able to play around with it freely, before bringing it over to illustrator. I believe I also found a particular style that I really enjoy, and hope to develop further especially during the holidays. Overall, it was a every rewarding process as we were all able to see our sketches develop from pencil sketches, to an actual banner!