DOW: Osso VR

The Osso VR is a high immersive training tool for surgeons to experience the operating table first hand. This virtual reality platform allows individuals to use their very hands to pick up the needed tools and perform the necessary tasks. In addition, the Osso VR website states that it has “an unparalleled level of accuracy and realism to any surgical procedure”. There are also prompts that walks the users through each action, hence enhancing the learning experience of these trainee doctors before starting out on real patients.

It also grades one’s performance based on time, accuracy, and other metrics that surgeons are typically evaluated on.

VR allows the trainee to physically learn, practice, and master the proper steps of a procedure. Here is a video that further demonstrate the device:

Osso VR allows medical residences perform a variety of tasks, from leg to spinal surgery

Instead of needing complex and advanced hospitals to train in with expensive state-of-the-art equipment, a surgeon on the other side of the world can try the Osso VR module from any PC and VR headset to get the exact same quality training exercise.

Interestingly, it seems like the healthcare industry is heading towards VR to expand and accelerate the advancement of healthcare. There are events led by top medical practitioners that discusses the possibilities of VR as a platform to advance healthcare. An example of such is like “Virtual Medicine“.  From such discussions, various VR innovations like the Osso VR or AppliedVR  is created. (AppliedVR uses virtual reality to treat pain and anxiety in both inpatient and outpatient settings).

The con I could think about this product still cannot fully replicate the real experience of the operating table yet. For each case brought to the operating table is unique, as there could be many unexpected turns that can happen out of the blue. Nonetheless, this device is a great learning tool for trainee surgeons, refining their skillsets before operating on a real individual.

Perhaps this VR tool can expand to other job scopes like pilots, vets, or even to cooking. Maybe it can even be a tool to aid the elderly, to bring them new experiences and stimulate their minds instead of being bored in their elderly homes and such.