Project 3: Ego (Final)

Here are my completed files! Somehow, the colours here are much different compared to how it looks like in the original files.

Project Ego: Final PDF

Let me explain you to more details of my work and my thinking behind it!


First row: 

City dweller + nature lover = drained out

For the city dweller, I wanted to show how I feel like a machine in the city. That is me being “wrung dry” and hung like another piece of asset in the society. For nature lover, I placed my head on top of a tree bark of represent how I feel that we are all born out of earth, and I just feel so at home there. This results in me being drained out, and like tea, me losing my flavour in the hot water.

Second row: 

Tired + Circle of friends = Being myself

My personal favourite! Me being tired and need something to function. Added the lives and points as another touch, as I feel sometimes in life it is like a game. A game to get the highest points possible. Next is my friends, which I placed in a circle to represent coins (geddit? circle of friends haha). And lastly. the famous wave. But I added a twist, which is to insert words representing my story and life into the waves. Also showing that when I am with my friends I can really be myself and talk a lot!

Initially, I wanted to put real personal stories into the waves. But I tried and realised that the font size is too small to read anyway, and it does not look very appealing to have a larger font size.


Are you still with me? We have two more rows left!

Row three: 

Flawed person + Other people’s feelings = trying to be a better person

I feel that this row is more self explanatory. Does not have as much double meaning other than the heart and the air pump, which represents me trying to make my heart bigger!

Row 4: 

Digitally inclined + Foundation drawing = Catching no balls

Me climbing up the ladder to the digital world where I belong, and the nude models in foundation drawing class (read the posters at the back btw) = to me catching no balls. But I decided to go crazy a little and I used tacos instead! I was inspired my the catching sandwich games that I used to play when I was a kid, and always fail to win the game haha

Kind of something like this!

Kind of something like this!




Pixelated but you are able to see the colour and how I added the textures in the end!



Here are how my boards look like beforehand too!

Some of the works which I explored and dumped:

Wanted to put cactuses on my tongue than in the pill but changed my idea hehe

Wanted to put cactuses on my tongue than in the pill but changed my idea hehe

Wanted to use this for the "City dweller" board

Wanted to use this for the “City dweller” board

The first sketch of my self portrait

The first sketch of my self portrait, which I did not quite like 

Sketch of people

Sketch of people

Playing around before i settled with the factory idea

Playing around with the city dweller frame again before I settled with the factory idea


I guess one I thing that I can take away from this project is to explore more methods. I am quite the digital person, so doing physical work is something that is quite foreign to me.

Here are some things I found online that I could have did:

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-14-46-pm screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-14-55-pm screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-15-09-pm

These are all just the tip of the iceberg, perhaps I can play with lights and different materials as well. Especially since this is ADM and my last few chances to really explore, I am motivated to do and try out new things for my upcoming projects for the next semester!


Still happy with what I produced and looking forward to more improvements!

Onto the holidays!



Project 3: Ego (Process)

Hello! This is one of the last few projects of our semester and I elated to receive it because I can finally touch on purely creating illustration, which I have always wanted to do but don’t got the time to.

We are tasked to create 4 rows of Me + Social setting = imagined outcome.

First steps: Inspirations

Currently, I am really into a particular style. Which is playful, bright, and kind of pop art style. I am also having a phase where I am in love with pink, purple, and blue hues.

Therefore, certain illustrators like Martina Paukova, Rachel Denti and Henn Kim really appeal to me. I also snooped through to give me more ideas to creatively express myself. Here is my Pinterest board of illustrations that really helped me formulate my final product:


I pinned most of the artists work that I said above! I am in love with the colours here! View more at

Loving how the colours are in these pins, and how the artists manage to convey their messages through very quirky and interesting ways.

Rachel Denti

Rachel Denti

I especially like her series in the first row, where the style is very bold and in your face.  Loving how she worked with different shades of purple as well!

Henn Kim works

Henn Kim works

Love the way he expresses in the illustrations! I also enjoyed its simplicity with its black and white colour scheme.

My current favourite - Marina Paukova

My current favourite – Marina Paukova

These are where I got my inspirations for my self portraits, I like the way the body is drawn with its lengthy arms and legs. I combined it with Rachel Denti’s style of facial features and of course referenced it with my own face!

Colour scheme:

Then went on to explore my colour schemes. After trying various combinations, I picked 3 colours came from Martina Paukova’s work. Then, used to generate more. It is a very good site that helps you generate colours easily and is my personal favourite as it is so simple. You can check it out if you want to! This is the colour combination that I confirmed and stuck through for my entire project:


My colours and its codes!

From the beginning, I was already in love with this colour set and stuck with it all the way. Though you can tell in my final piece that I do favour certain colours over the rest, and used some as complimentary colours.

The planning stage


Then I came up with a set of titles for my specific Artboards and drew it out on paper in class:

img_2016-11-18-184803 img_2016-11-18-185047 img_2016-11-18-185052

After that, I started to illustrate some of it!


This was to represent relaxing in holidays!


Messy home


Personality switches on (when i am with friends)

However, there was a problem. After doing a few more boards (which I did not manage to capture much to my dismay), I realised that my work is quite direct and not as interesting as it could be. As you can see from the images above, I initially plan for holiday = plane, relax = beach, dog = dog. Which was rather plain in my opinion.

On top of it, I was very unsatisfied because it really looks too much like the works of the artists I referenced, and I felt that I had no originality and creativity.

I decided to stop what I was doing and reformulate the boards and titles. I decided to make it more visually funny and have a double meaning. This process took me quite long and I put this project at the back of my mind to marinate and formulate as I completed the other assignments.

My illustration workspace, messy as I was experimenting and throwing/adding ideas into the boards.

Werk werk werk werk werk

Werk werk werk werk werk

But I think all the second guessing and time spent to improve is worth it! Next post is my finalized boards and how I can improve on it!






F2D: Forrest Grump final designs!


After much advices from Ms Ina and the people around me, here are the final designs!

Do you really believe that one man can bear the full burden of sin?”

The meaning and intentions of each piece is different,take your time to interpret it and form your own conclusions!


Design 1


A man representing humanity in a dartboard that has demons to represent sins.

Design 2


I really like this design, initially I kept the top of the roulette board as it is. But with the advice of Syl, I placed the statue of Jesus in the middle. I think it really brings out the narrative more.

Design 3


The iconic nail pierced hands and fire to represent hell.

Design 4


With the advice of Ms Ina, decided to incorporate Gestalt into my pieces. Here is snakes forming an apple, a reference to the downfall of man from Adam and Eve. Can you guess what is the “game” here? It is snakes and ladders, the ladders forming the borders at the side 😉

Design 5

finalizedv1My chosen tote bag design! For this, I used chess. The king piece to present Jesus and the pawns as mankind.


That is all! I spent a long time thinking and playing around with the images till I am satisfied 🙂 Learnt things like Gestalt, thresholding and many other functions in Photoshop through this project.

F2D: Sik screening and tote bag for Forrest Grump

Do you really believe that one man can bear the full burden of sin?”


Chosen design for tote bag

Here is a video of how it is done!!




Testing on paper first


Tote bag! Had to print both sides because I always placed slightly too much ink! Still satisfied with the outcome nonetheless 🙂


Enjoyed trying out something new. Being in the room and setting the ink on the silk screen was the most memorable part for me!



F2D: Starting on Forrest Grump

Our second project for Foundation 2D requires us to create a visual narrative that expresses a quote from our chosen movie using only symbols,  symbols, pictograms, dingbats (ornaments), icons and engravings.

I decided to do it based on the movie Passion of Christ (2014). It feels meaningful to work on something that I am passionate in and to express my feelings towards my religion!



1. Jesus: Peter, could you not watch even one hour with me?

2. Jesus: I am the good shepherd.

3. Satan: Do you really believe that one man can bear the full burden of sin?

4. Mary: Why is this night different from other nights?

The ones that are bolded are recommended by Ms Ina to work on. Her advice was that “This might be a bit of challenge as we are crossing into to address these with artistic rigour and without being literal..”, which was something that I had to keep in mind throughout the entire process of creating my designs.

Therefore, to prevent this issue from happening, I then thought of icons that represents the narrative, Christ (which is good) and Sin (which is evil).

Some threshold that I tried and experimented with:


48054526-screw-heads-isolated-on-whitecristo_redentor_-_rio hand-reaching fire-018












I then decided on stick to a single theme (besides the storyline), to express the quote and to really play around with it in order to prevent it from being literal. I then decided on use “games” as a theme.

Here are some game themed stuff that I played with!

wheel_continental1 92826217 bigdartboard-cutout-copy bakjacob_04jenga_tower





My line is emo: Final lines

Here is a compilation of all of all of my final lines! If you want, here is a recap of my other posts for this project 🙂

My line is emo: Artist inspiration

My line is emo: Mark making tools

My line is emo: Fails (and how I salvaged it)

My line is emo: The power of scanners


My line is emo: Monoprints

My line is emo: Techniques tried and tested

This is the start of my final lines!

Board 2

Board 1

Board 1

Board 2

Anger - Exasperation

Anger – Exasperation. Sometimes you have to restrain yourself from hitting someone

Anger - Hate

Anger – Hate. A emotion that grows over time, and hardens your heart

Anger - Irritation

Anger – Irritation. This emotion pierces into your inner peace

Fear - Fear

Fear – Fear. Something dark, something ambiguous. All you want to do is flee

Fear - Horror

Fear – Horror. When your soul feels like it is out of own physical body

Fear - Panic (I reliase that it looks like Jackson Pollock's works as well)

Fear – Panic (Looks like Jackson Pollock’s works), where nothing makes sense

Happy - Pleasure

Happy – Pleasure. Waves of pleasure hits you

Joy - Exhilration

Joy – Exhilaration. Uncontrollable, untamed

Joy - Truimph

Joy – Truimph. This emotion rolls off you

Love - Infatuation

Love – Infatuation. Slow and steady it grows each time you feed it

Love - Longing

Love – Longing. Missing, reminiscing. A ball of emotions rolled into one.

Love - Passion

Love – Passion. Crazy, rawest form of love. When a pair becomes one.

Sadness - Guilt

Sadness – Guilt. An inner debate between light and dark

Sadness - Hurt

Sadness – Hurt. Once you are hurt, the holes will remain there forever

Sadness - Insecurity

Sadness – Insecurity. You are never satisfied, always comparing

Surprise - Suprise

Surprise – Surprise! Happiness and ecstasy in the burst of that second


Surprise - Astonished

Surprise – Astonished. “Wait, you mean what?”

Surprise - Perplexed

Surprise – Perplexed. Bubbles of thoughts sifting through your head

My line is emo: The power of scanners

The best part of this project that that we are able to explore different techniques and methods.

It all started with this. a line of long folded triangles pasted together. Initially, I wanted to make it as a form of 3D texture art. However, I was not convinced with this end result.

IMG_2016-09-04 22:01:02

Folding long triangles and pasted them onto the paper

So I consulted Ms Ina who suggested me to scan it. Initially, I was very skeptical because firstly –  how much better can it look? Secondly – wouldn’t it look very flat, thus loosing its main feature of it being 3D?

However, I was pleasantly surprised that the end result turned out well! And coincidentally, I feel that the image also represents the emotion surprise.


Emotion: Surprise!


Then a door to an entirely new world of possibilities opened for me. This was the power of a scanner (and photoshop).


Then I chanced upon Tara Donovan’s artwork on pinterest. I did more research and found out that it was done by layering slices of tracing paper. Enchanted by the movements of the lines, I tries to recreate it.


Tracing paper sculpture done by Tara Donovan

Tracing paper sculpture done by Tara Donovan

IMG_2016-09-04 22:00:54

Had to create borders around the paper to contain it

IMG_2016-09-04 22:00:58

So excited when I placed it into the machine!


End result!

End result which signifies the emotion Truimph


So I decided to push it further, and switched to ropes!


IMG_2016-09-04 22:27:51

Intended for it to represent joy


Was disappointed when I scanned it, as it does not look very joyful


But photoshop is just as powerful as scanners. I thought about what makes something look ‘happy”, and thought of making the strings have a kaleidoscope effect.

I intended for this print to be 3D as well, but decided to give it a try at the scanner

A montage of the different papers/prints that I made

A montage of the different papers/prints that I made


I wanted this montage to represent insecurity. When one is insecure, he/she are always comparing, always not satisfied, have not found their own identity and stand yet. This montage is a physical representation of the emotion.

How it looks like through a scanner

How it looks like through a scanner

I personally feel that this line looks better in real life, rather than digitally. However, since the rest of my work is going to be digital it will stand out to not have it done digitally.

And lastly…


A combination of white glue, tissue paper and black and white acrylic paints

A combination of white glue, tissue paper and black and white acrylic paints

Beautiful end results which represents hate

Beautiful end results which represents hate


That is the end for my post! Next post will be about some fails I experienced. Because when it comes to design/art, I (and I’m sure you too) end up in this situation:










My line is emo: Fails (and how I salvaged it)

The pain of expectation of vs reality strikes closer to our hearts as visual artists.

Fail #1: Every detail is important

So I came across this very cool thing online, and it was done by Charlotte X.C Sullivan. It is called bubble printing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.52.19 am

Work done by Charlotte X.C. Sullivan, it is beautiful

Being a #Gobigorgohome kind of gurl, I decided to give it a try.

Here is a video of me doing it:

What happened?

What happened? The end result of my first few tries.

And after many rounds of detergent, ink, and time, this was the end result…

I kept on thinking of where did it go wrong. The very next day, it hit me that it could be because I used watercolour paper, which did not allow the water to seep through the paper *facepalm*

So I changed the paper and yassss it finally worked!

IMG_2016-09-04 22:00:39

Ink forming around the bubble, unlike with watercolour where the ink runs everywhere around the paper

IMG_2016-09-05 01:49:40

Yes, I have marks!

IMG_2016-09-05 01:49:33

Not as clearly defined as the original work, but I believe with photoshop something would be able to come out

In photoshop I gathered the most prominent marks and inverted the colours to make the prints more odvious

In photoshop I gathered the most prominent marks and inverted the colours to make the prints more obvious. This emotion is perplexed.

Don’t know how those pros manage to do it so beautifully, maybe you should give it a try 🙂

Fail 2: Almost burned down my house

I wanted to try to burn paper to see what kind of effect it will give. So I borrowed by dad’s lighter, went into my room (you can see where it is going) and started to light up newsprint paper. 

Newsprint is super flammable due to its thinness, so the entire thing caught on fire almost immediately. I had to quickly dump water on it before the situation got worse. I got wiser and chose watercolour paper which is definitely thicker, thus I have more control.

Emotion - fear

Emotion – fear

Layered the edges of the paper and inverted the colours to give it a more eerie and dramatic feel.

Fail 3: Dying gone wrong

Found this method called the shibori method, a Japanese style of dying fabric:
Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.17.50 am So pretty and looks easy
So pretty and looks easy

Looked simple enough, so I decided to give it a go.

IMG_2016-09-04 21:58:39

One of my fabric

IMG_2016-09-04 21:58:49

End result??

Again, this was a mystery because I could not identify the main problem. Was it the ink? The cloth? The timing? But after a few tries and letting it sit out for a few days, sadly nothing significant appeared.

Since I wanted to do something with cloth, especially since it can make interesting textures, I decided to go for something else. Simple stitching.

This represents hurt

This represents hurt

Wanted to keep it simple and not too extravagant. Also wanted the stitching to be uglier to emphasise on the valleys of emotions one goes through when they are hurt.

Thats all! There are many times where I had to redo and learn from my mistakes from the many techniques I tried, but this is part of the fun for this project as well.



My line is emo: Artist inspiration

Inspiration 1: CY Twombly

Focusing on abstract work, I really like CY Twombly’s ‘scribbled’ art.



CY Twombly with one of his most famous art pieces


Love this

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.31.29 pm

I wanted to do a line for love, mainly passion. When I think about a crazy, sort of passionate form of love, I envision two lovers being hopelessly together in their own messy world. CY Twombly’s style of ‘scribbles’ really resonates with what I envision the line to be, so I dove right in to try it out.

Tying two pens together with a fishing line (with the two pens signifying a pair of lovers), I let my emotions flow and thought of an image of messy love. Here is a video of me trying it out:



Emotion – Passion. I layered the same image below it to emphasize on the love between two people.

He is the few artists that I got my inspiration from. My other pieces are techniques that I found online 🙂

My line is emo: Techniques tried and tested


The internet allows us to learn so much. After spending much time surfing on  and google, I came across some techniques that could potentially help me for my lines.

IMG_2016-09-05 16:45:06

PVC glue and tissue paper


IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:53

The results

IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:49

Played with only black acrylic paint

IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:34

Ruler and ink

IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:36

Watercolour and bubble wrap

IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:40

Watercolour and slicing the paper with pen knife

IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:43

Watercolour and cling wrap

IMG_2016-09-05 16:41:46

Water colour and salt, a chemical reaction!

Marbling with nail polish! (used green because can photoshop the colour, did not want to spend more $$)

Marbling with nail polish! (used green because can photoshop the colour, did not want to spend more $$)

That’s all! 🙂