3D Curvilinear Volume – The Rocket That Never Flew

Here is my final model and it’s application!



The Rocket That Never Flew


Application 1: Artisan Kaya Toast

A Singapore staple with a twist


How it initially looked like in real life, decided to photoshop it LOL


Much better!

Can you identify the D, SD, and SO? 😉


Application 2: Ear Rings

DIY a pair of earrings using plain paper, gold reflective paper, ombre thread, two sequins, and strings to attach to the hook! Simple with beautiful results.


I intentionally took note of the colour scheme. Added small sequins I found in my unwanted jewelry and added to the SO to give it more “blingz”


How it looks like when worn


The big reveal with my supportive classmates kiss


Here is my completed final PDF file!


Curvilinear volumes – sketch models and analysis

Hello! Here is my working file for what I have done so far for our latest 3D project. This time instead of rectilinear, we are to create curvilinear volumes using shapes like spheres, cylinders and cones.

Dotted green lines mean addition and dotted red lines means subtraction 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 7.07.05 pm

My first page


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 7.06.40 pm

A summary of all the models I have done

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 7.06.46 pm

The first model looks like a snail that is carrying a workload representing me and uni life. 

Had to make the dominent much larger to create more presence and shorten the SD.


My favourite model, I am doing this for my finalised model 🙂

I jokingly said that the rocket, which is the cone represents my dreams and ambitions. However the sphere which is my responsibilities and burdens is weighing me down greatly. The thin cylinder at the side represents me trying to drive the rocket.
Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 7.06.53 pm

Decided to give it a try to change the cylinder, which is too long for my liking. Shortened it and made it wider and it now roughly looks like this:

Kind of looks like the cakes/dessert sets we see in gourmet kitchens!

Kind of looks like the cakes/dessert sets we see in gourmet kitchens!

Kind of have a liking to it however I still prefer The Rocket That Never Flew as it looks like something I have never seen before!

Will try to recreate it into food and a pair of earrings!


Here is a clearer version of the files 🙂


Final Model and its applications

Hello! I am very excited to share about my model applications for my chosen model.


Application 1: Oven with a detachable controller

f copy











I often have a problem when it comes to cooking – that whenever I actually do cook I try to carry out other tasks during the waiting time. Or that whenever it comes to cooking with equipments like ovens or kettles, I often miss the alarm. This oven is able to detach the alarm and control centre, so that multitasking homeowners are able to adjust the temperature, switch it off and on, and hear the oven alarm from whatever they are doing. This way, they are able to focus on their tasks without worrying much about their cooking.


Application 2: Aquarium













I spent a day thinking about what I should do for my second application. Then the idea of making it into a fishtank randomly came up to my brain.

The second application that the model can recreate is an open bottom fish tank. An open bottom fish tank is where another tank appears to be floating on top of the main tank using gravity.

Now some of you may be asking what is an open bottom fish tank, here are some real images so that you can grasp an idea of what it is!















It is basically a smaller tank placed on top of a larger tank. This way, the fish and ornaments is able to extend out of the main tank.

The SO is then turned into an open Mystical Anti Gravity Concept Tank (MAGIC-T), a feature that I experienced in the Underwater World.













Using pressure and suction, users are able to interact with the fishes through extended small openings where the water does not gush out. The SO is then made into a very unique feature that stands out for the users.


Therefore for both of these application, what makes the D, SD, and SO stand out is the features rather than the difference of materials and textures.

Again, here is my a more detailed and higher resolution of my work in PDF!


Sketch models and analysis

For our first project, we are to create a 3D model that has a Dominant (D), Subdominant (SD) and Subordinate (SO) plane.

Here is the 2D sketch analysis of my sketch models!


Legend –

Dotted red: Subtracting

Dotted green: Adding

































You can view the images in a higher resolution here: