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Device of the week: Ophone

Image result for ophoneOphone is a device that connects to our phones. Upon receiving a food related text, the “oSnap” app on our phones will alert the Ophone to release the smell of the text. This allows users to send and receive electronic aroma messages. Through this device, complex scent texting can be integrated into our mobile messaging life, allowing us to add dimension to our texts by sharing sensory experiences as well. The products aims to enhance our text messaging experience by incorporating smell into the context. ophone photo.jpg

The oPhone DUO is able to diffuse over 300,000 unique aromas due to the small circular cartridges that fits inside the device. The oPhone DUO works with 8 oChips and each oChip contains 4 aromas – so the oPhone DUO works with 32 primitive aromas. The site claims that is can last for hundreds of uses, sort of like link cartridges, but for aroma. One can swap them in and out and capture any scent for which we have designed an oChip



  • Able to overcome language barriers
  • More engaging communication through phone
  • Taps on smell – a powerful and untouched sense