in Project 2 Forrest Gump

F2D: Forrest Grump final designs!


After much advices from Ms Ina and the people around me, here are the final designs!

Do you really believe that one man can bear the full burden of sin?”

The meaning and intentions of each piece is different,take your time to interpret it and form your own conclusions!


Design 1


A man representing humanity in a dartboard that has demons to represent sins.

Design 2


I really like this design, initially I kept the top of the roulette board as it is. But with the advice of Syl, I placed the statue of Jesus in the middle. I think it really brings out the narrative more.

Design 3


The iconic nail pierced hands and fire to represent hell.

Design 4


With the advice of Ms Ina, decided to incorporate Gestalt into my pieces. Here is snakes forming an apple, a reference to the downfall of man from Adam and Eve. Can you guess what is the “game” here? It is snakes and ladders, the ladders forming the borders at the side 😉

Design 5

finalizedv1My chosen tote bag design! For this, I used chess. The king piece to present Jesus and the pawns as mankind.


That is all! I spent a long time thinking and playing around with the images till I am satisfied 🙂 Learnt things like Gestalt, thresholding and many other functions in Photoshop through this project.