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F4D project 2 – Stress

For our second F4D project, we are tasked to create a create a 90 photo sequence and it should begin and us sleeping.

Upon receiving the assignment, I was elated because we allowed to use mixed media. Manipulating photos is much easier than editing videos, therefore I decided to not constrain my video into what is deemed to be normal and go deeper into another fantasy realm through the Photoshop!

Here are snippets of my storyboard (done by AI + Wacom):

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-12-36-10-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-12-36-16-pm screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-12-35-57-pm


About the story:

Stress is basically a projection of my emotions towards our education system in Singapore. I wanted to portray how we are shaped in a way to focus on our grades and doing well in life through our social or financial status. Which brings us to the question – what do we achieve in the end of the day once we gained what the world deems is important?


The execution:

The video colour palette, music and visuals is intentionally made to be bright and lighted. Which sugarcoats the  thought provoking storyline. I was mostly inspired by the video which our lecturer recommended to me, where they used really abstract visuals to get their message across.


To further develop the Art Direction, I took more inspiration from online resources.


When I googled “Tumblr aesthetics”


My Pinterest board where I took inspiration from its “out of the world” visuals

I fell in love with the colours and their interesting videos, and wanted to incorporate this into my own video.



I liked the video I produced. Especially with it being abstract, using what we learned from class about signifying. It makes the viewers think.

I would love to make more changes like photoshopping some of the visuals better and incorporating the what my lecturer recommended, having a moodboard to really have a focused style. For example, colouring the Da Vinci illustration would really enhance the style of the video. Also, a sense of “authority” would subtly make the video more “creepy” in a way. Like a sense where main character is being watched, which also what I feel about us in the society anyway.