in Assignment 2 – Research & Process

Illustration for design: Assignment 2 thumbnail sketches

Here are the thumbnail sketches for the two different concepts:

Concept 1: Practice makes perfect

Concept 2: “OCD”, obsession with perfection



Still thinking about different forms and compositions that I can explore for the two concepts, as I have yet to decide which to work on!

  1. Hi Viena

    I really like your second concept and It really does trigger me! haha

    I think you could create some beautiful patterns especially using a neon colour pallet. I’m sure you will have seen it but in Marian Bantjes’ book I wonder she play very creatively with neons and detailed patterns. You may want to have a look at her project that she did for GQ magazine In the UK, they had a puzzle edition and her work is amazing.

    Look forward to seeing your progress next week


  2. Hello!!:) your top right composition for concept one looks really interesting to me:) I’m really attracted to the diglett like design compare to the human sketches:) I feel like this creature itself is really attractive and would create a magazine cover that would draw my attention to the magazine:) So I’m curious how you would develop it if you choose this:) As for your concept 2, It kind of reminds me of batik pattern or like tribal pattern, and the idea of using it to reference to OCD is an really interesting concept and it conveys the idea well:) I think the color code would be very challenging but YOU CAN DO IT!!:)