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Moving/Static image: Snowpiercer

In the future, climate-change has caused temperatures to dip to inhabitable levels. Killing all life except for the lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe for 365 days. In there, a class system emerges to maintain the system, eventually causing a rebellion from the people within the lower class.

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Image result for snowpiercer

Upon entering into the first few scenes of Snowpeircer, one would be able to take in the tone of the movie just by the visuals of the set. Vast expanses of white snow covers the earth, and a cold steely train zooms past it, empty cities were covered in ice and snow. One is able to tell that it the land outside the train is unforgivable.

This film is very interesting as one would be able to see the difference of caste based from the set that is build, which can be mostly inferred from the colours and costume design of each set.

The first quarter of the movie also takes place in the end of the train where the lower caste are situated. The set there looks akin to a slum, with people packed together like sardines and most of them looking grimy and dirty. The costumes here are drabs which have very minimal colours.

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The lower caste

This is a vast difference to the upper classmen, as seen below:

Image result for snowpiercer school scene

Lower caste people in the upper class area

Image result for snowpiercer sushi scene

Lower caste group going to eat sushi, again the difference of colour (red of the sushi chef vs the dull drabs)

One could tell the difference just by the colours alone, which is a stark contrast from each other. This shows us how to the colours can be used to influence one’s perception.

The architecture of each set also sets the tone of the increase of class as they move forward to the train. It gets more developed and high tech after every section. For example, one is able to see meat/vegetable production and education happening, things which were non existent in the section they were living in previously.

Hence this movie is interesting as the architecture and design of each set aids the visual perception of the viewer. Moreover, the plot of the movie was something I really enjoyed as well!