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Interactive Spaces – Physical space for art/Performance

Physical/public space for art: Ex-Stasi by Tania perez-Salas

Ex-Stasi is a dance by Tania perez-Salas, and taps on a thin cloth and lighting to enhance the whole performers. Like with the drug Ecstasy, “Ex-stasis” is about the mind letting itself go so the body can let itself go, the rhythm of life is supposed to be when the body is the master of the mind. It’s an analogy for technology and how it has been good or not good for our life. There is different music to go along with this like techno and blues.

Pérez-Salas envisions her choreographic work as a collaboration of lighting, design, music and movement—something she credits to her upbringing and her perception of the world. “I love to imagine things,” she says, “sometimes it’s not me living the things, but the way I see that others are living things.”

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Perceptually, the visuals  is amazing due to the use of the cloth and lighting on the stage. I really love how the material moves with the dancers, and together with the light, how it is able to bring across different emotions differently.

Besides the cloth used in this performance, perez-Salas also uses water and wind. When talking about her inspirations regarding these innovative materials, she responds to say that it is from her own personal experiences. She gets her inspirations from everything and everywhere, and incorporates this to her work. I feel like she is able to tap into her creative mind very well, and this translates to the beautiful works she is able to produce.