in Micro Project

Micro project: Glitch aesthetics


This is home, truly.

Where I know, I must be

Where my dreams, wait for me

Where I know, I must be.


Where the river always flows.

This is home, surely.


As my senses, tell me.

During my youth, I was hopeful about the future that that is laid out for us in Singapore. But as I grew up, it hit me that things are not as simple as it seems. Going to university does not automatically mean you can get a great job with a pay that is enough to buy a house and start a family comfortably. Or not everyone in Singapore receives the same and opportunities and treatment that I did. And in fact, there are people in our society that often fall through the gaps. The more I read and expose myself to the world I was once ignorant of, the more I understand that things around us are not as perfect as it seems.

My once rose-tinted lenses has has now faded to reality. I guess it is all part and parcel of growing up. But still, I do acknowledge that as a country we are doing extremely well compared to many others. But there are definitely areas we need to improve and I am glad that people are engaging in conversations and exposing these loopholes that we to resolve together as a nation!