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Micro Project: Pirate Broadcasting 2

The path from ADM back to hall 4 is a dark and scary one. Usually, I would get too scared to walk through it alone. Especially since it is rumoured that it is haunted, because it is next to Nanyang Lake. I would very much walk one round around NTU (which takes an additional 10mins) than to take that shortcut.

Hence, for this project I decided to overcome my fear with the help of Insta Live.

I wanted to test the strength of our connectivity on the third space. I was questioning:

  • Will I still be afraid, even with people journeying with me through this process?
  • How will they react to my actions?
  • How will I feel to overcome this experience with Insta live?

Things escalated as I realised that somehow that night, the lights were switched off. Usually some street lights will light up the forested path. Watch and see what happens:

I have bad friends. Here are some of the reactions my friends had after the insta live airing:

In conclusion, despite being super afraid initially, talking to all my friends online made me forget my physical surroundings (slightly). I was less unaware of it, and hence much less afraid. Maybe because I feel a sense of security (if I got kidnapped people will know), or it was distracting me from the current environment. Maybe next time if I were to go through that path again, I will start another insta story haha.

Thank you!