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My line is emo: Final lines

Here is a compilation of all of all of my final lines! If you want, here is a recap of my other posts for this project 🙂

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This is the start of my final lines!

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Board 1

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Anger - Exasperation

Anger – Exasperation. Sometimes you have to restrain yourself from hitting someone

Anger - Hate

Anger – Hate. A emotion that grows over time, and hardens your heart

Anger - Irritation

Anger – Irritation. This emotion pierces into your inner peace

Fear - Fear

Fear – Fear. Something dark, something ambiguous. All you want to do is flee

Fear - Horror

Fear – Horror. When your soul feels like it is out of own physical body

Fear - Panic (I reliase that it looks like Jackson Pollock's works as well)

Fear – Panic (Looks like Jackson Pollock’s works), where nothing makes sense

Happy - Pleasure

Happy – Pleasure. Waves of pleasure hits you

Joy - Exhilration

Joy – Exhilaration. Uncontrollable, untamed

Joy - Truimph

Joy – Truimph. This emotion rolls off you

Love - Infatuation

Love – Infatuation. Slow and steady it grows each time you feed it

Love - Longing

Love – Longing. Missing, reminiscing. A ball of emotions rolled into one.

Love - Passion

Love – Passion. Crazy, rawest form of love. When a pair becomes one.

Sadness - Guilt

Sadness – Guilt. An inner debate between light and dark

Sadness - Hurt

Sadness – Hurt. Once you are hurt, the holes will remain there forever

Sadness - Insecurity

Sadness – Insecurity. You are never satisfied, always comparing

Surprise - Suprise

Surprise – Surprise! Happiness and ecstasy in the burst of that second


Surprise - Astonished

Surprise – Astonished. “Wait, you mean what?”

Surprise - Perplexed

Surprise – Perplexed. Bubbles of thoughts sifting through your head