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Viena is an undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in the Art, Design, and Media program. Her interest of immersive spaces leads her to explore different mediums and mechanics for new ways to reach out to her audiences. Viena believes that this platform has the capacity to convey thoughts and influences to individuals in a multi dimensional way. On the side, she also enjoys illustrating and storytelling through videography.


Light|Dark is an interactive light installation consisting of 46 blue lasers suspended in a pitch dark room. The floor is coated in luminous paint which absorbs light emitted by the lasers, allowing viewers to use the lasers to draw patterns on the floor or to simply walk through the installation. The momentum and rhythmic motion caused by moving the lasers creates stunning galaxy-esque patterns on the floor. View more here


Despite being aware of the destructive effects of the high consumption of our sometimes unnecessary waste that is rapidly diminishing the natural environment, we are often de-sensitized to the magnitude of the issue.  The installation integrates data visualisation and interactivity in an attempt to portray these long lasting effects of our “throwaway society”. As the structure captures the beautiful world that we perceive to be living in, viewers are then caught unaware of the sudden hit of reality that is portrayed from the interaction. View more here


With social media being so integrated into our lives, the things that we voice on the online space sometimes does not seem to have a consequence in real life. Hence, this interactive T-shirt which is connected the users Twitter feed forces the wearer to be much more conscious of what they are posting online. The public can also interact with the shirt by liking or reacting to the tweets, heightening the wearers’ awareness of their posts. View more here

View even more of my works on my Behance account, right here!



I really enjoy light and sound installations in general, and besides one of my favourite studios which is Nonotak,  I really enjoy the works Satoko Moroi, who is a communication designer hailing from Japan.

What is enjoyable about her works is how it taps into each of our inner child, where the installations are so colourful and simple.

Here are other light and sound installations that I like too: