IM week 2

James Turrell 

An artist who works with light and space, James Turrell works often seems to be able to evoke certain moods for viewers who enters into the amazing installations. As Turrell himself puts it, the material of light is “nonvicarious” (i.e. you can’t experience it without being there). Thus, I really like how immersive space is, and how pictures alone is not able to express the experience itself. I also like the way he uses lights and how the lights are able to have a glowing effect, probably due to the material that it is used within the structures.

His works makes me think deeper about what I want people to feel, and what kind of mood I want to set by the lights, space, and ambiance.

Chromosaturation – Carlos Cruz Diezsite


Chromosaturation is an artificial environment composed of three color chambers, one red, one green and one blue that immerse the visitor in a completely monochrome situation. This experience creates disturbances in the retina, accustomed to receive wide range of colors simultaneously. The installation works in a very personal way, altering the colour of ones skin, clothing and anything that the audience is carrying.

This is another light installation which medium and effects is something very interesting. This alters and disrupts a person’s perception of light, and messes up one’s interpretation of colour.

This artwork is infused by science, and reminds me of the science centre project me and a few others worked on during our summer break, where the challenge was to infuse science and art together, and make it pretty. The work is something distinct and interesting, reminding me that fusing science and art can create works that are more unique.